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admin maxifr83 Redacteur

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MessageSujet: DynaFleur   DynaFleur EmptyJeu 1 Mai - 15:24


Persis Trilling vous présente son ile fantastique

DynaFleur – An Immersive Art Installation

Douglas Story & Desdemona Enfield

Dizzy Banjo - music and sound
Poid Mahovlich – terraforming

Spanning an entire sim on Princeton University’s virtual campus, DynaFleur is the kind of experience that truly is possible only in Second Life.

Opening to the public on Saturday, January 5th, DynaFleur presents the almost abstract close-up floral photography of Douglas Story in a very unusual way. The monumental and colorful installation is cradled by a specially commissioned landscape created by Poid Mahovlich. As you walk (and fall) through it, you are immersed in the densely layered sound design of Dizzy Banjo which is tailored to accompany the movements of the elements of the piece that surround you, all of them moving and changing in response to your presence. This magic is powered by complex scripts written by the talented and energetic Desdemona Enfield, which in turn were based on the open-source Reflexive Architecture scripts made available by Keystone Bouchard and his group.

One early visitor said, in response to one of the three main sections of the sprawling piece, “I don’t know whether I’m in awe or creeped out.” The makers of DynaFleur were oddly pleased by this statement.

Experiencing DynaFleur is one of those Second Life 'wow' moments that is not to be missed. The opening reception with the artists is scheduled for Saturday, January 5th at 12 noon SLT, followed by ballroom dancing from 2 to 4 pm SLT with music and dj services provided by the proprietor of the Blue Note jazz club, Naydee McGettigan.

The sim will be closed to the general public until the 5th, but
members of the press who wish a preview are invited to contact Douglas Story in-world or via email at

The artists would like to express special thanks to Princeton University and most especially to Princeton’s in-world representative Persis Trilling.

FlowerBall, a previous collaboration by Douglas, Desdemona and AldoManutio Abruzzo was named as one of the ‘Ten Best Art Installations in Second Life’ by the New World Notes blog.

Location :

Artist Information

Douglas Story creates his extreme macro photography with a 5 megapixel digital camera in and around Los Angeles. Douglas has displayed his work in group shows in Los Angeles, and in Second Life at the Aho Museum, the Angel Dorei Gallery and the Artisan Gallery.

A Second Life resident since 2005, Desdemona Enfield, in her more serious moments, studies the Zen of Scripting and occasionally dabbles in building. She's highly verbal and will scroll everyone off the screen when given an opportunity. In real life, the daydream that comes closest to her vocation would include a checkered history in computer graphics, medical imaging, data protocols, and embedded systems, plus a tad of physics and mathematics.

Dizzy Banjo is a composer exploring new methods of soundtracking virtual environments. He is experienced in providing music for more traditional media outlets, such as radio, trailers, advertising and video games ( for clients such as Czech National Radio, Boosey & Hawkes, Revlon, and Sony Playstation.) However more recently he is concentrating on developing the possibilities of non linear composition and multiple user interactive music. He is currently working on a number of projects in this field including soundtracks for the in-world presence of the country of Mexico, a book on Second Life published by Intersection Unlimited and a major virtual business event.

Poid Mahovlich says, “I build creatively using smoke and mirrors. I am a geek dreamer; driven by ethereal fuel some days, nerdtech and biscuits on others. I am a Real Life professional conceptual Artist: a self-proclaimed Wizard who has a severe allergy to Hawaiian shirts.”

voici le lieu d'arrivée

DynaFleur Dynafleur1customtf4

suivez la fléche, on a l'impression d'entrer dans un vortex !

DynaFleur Dynafleur2customln9

voici l'intérieur de ce qu'on pourrai appeller le vortex

DynaFleur Dynafleur3customjs1

j'avance encore et de nouvelles couleurs s'annoncent à moi

DynaFleur Dynafleur4customie1

fantastique c'est à ne pas louper je passe donc au travers de cette fleur plien de couleurs.

DynaFleur Dynafleur5customll6

voila une piste de dance tres tech avec des anim etc...

DynaFleur Dynafleur6customai8

quelques prises de vues de l'ile

DynaFleur Dynafleur7customws9

voila une prise de vue du vortex vu du dessus

DynaFleur Dynafleur8customjr3

me voici en dessous, dans la vallée, près d'une espèce de jonque

DynaFleur Dynafleur9custompq5

je suis rejoins par calamity, une de mes guides à qui je fais voir la sim

DynaFleur Dynafleur10custompk6
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